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General Contracting

Specialized on the Interior Installations of Homes

Baseboards, Window & Door Trims, Hardware, Handrails, Flooring, Tiling, Curtains, Blinds. 

Handyman Service

Maintenance - Repair - Improvements

We know how frustrating it is to feels to be behind on maintaining your commercial or residential investment.

Our Handyman Service is here to help get that to-do list cleared.

Pressure Washing, Carpentry Projects, Painting, Light Fixtures

All sorts of installation in you Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom or wherever required:

Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Oven, Microwave, TV Mount, Blinds, Curtains, Picture Hanging, Faucets, Sinks.

Remodel / Renovations

If your are sick of the boring appearance of your the interior of your house, or you want to add a suite for extra income, then we should talk. At GELLERT Construction we tackle Small to Medium Renovation / Remodel Projects

Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms, whole Suite, etc...

General Contracting
Handyman Service
Remodel / Renovation
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